here are a bunch of games i’ve been meaning to play! hopefully i’ll get to it someday!! god you know it gets though. these lists are non-comprehensive and in no particular order or else we’d be here all goddamn day!!

All the Shit I Bought at PAX Unplugged 2022 and Haven’t Played Yet

  • Level 1 Volume e3: Indie RPG Anthology
  • Secrets of the Vibrant Isle (Craig Campbell and Sharene Gilchrist)
  • Mazes (9th Level Games)
  • The Excellents (9th Level Games)
  • Questlandia (Hanah Shaffer and Evan Rowland)
  • The Broken Cask (Derek A. Kamal)
  • Brave Zenith (Giuliano Roverato and Rodrigo Melchior)
  • Homeworld Revelatons
  • Good Strong Hands (Craig Campbell)
  • I Have the High Ground (Jess Levine)
  • Savage Sisters (9th Level Games)
  • The Flower Court (Jay Dragon)
  • Lay On Hands (Alfred Valley)

Shit Sitting in My Collection Where I’m Like “I Should Play This”

  • Wanderhome
  • Under Hollow Hills
  • Songbirds
  • Tiny Taverns
  • Old Home

Shit I Have Played Before But Want Another Go at Before I Write a Review

  • Eyes on the Prize
  • Anyone Can Wear the Mask
  • The Masks We Wear
  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians
  • For the Honor
  • Stewpot

Specifically the List of Solo RPGs I Want to Play

  • Healer
  • Princess with a Cursed Sword
  • Transmission for Them
  • Village Witch
  • Two Stand to Fall
  • A Visit to San Sibilia
  • The Van Witch
  • Vampyres are People Too
  • Apotherica
  • A Necessary Miracle
  • Magical Malfeasance
  • Murder!
  • The Witch’s Almanac
  • The One
  • Wonderfall

My Wishlist

you can just find that here!