About Gurll Talk

my name is Courtney! i play tabletop RPGs. this is a casual space where I can write out my thoughts about some of the games i’ve played. calling this a review blog gives it a sense of formality i don’t necessarily want to ascribe to this, but also, it isn’t wrong. 

i play in about five regular groups, most of which play 5e. as a result, while i love indie ttrpgs, i don’t get a ton of time to try them out, especially not in campaign format. as such, most of these reviews are going to come from a place of having played a game once or twice, so they’re more like initial impressions. 

reviews or whatever these are are intended to remain pretty short and casual. i am not going to use proper capitalization; you cannot make me. the general format is, like, three paragraphs tops of information, a short pros and cons list with 1-3 bullets on each, me answering the question of if i would play it again, and where to find it. there will probably be variances! like i said i intend to stay real casual about this. 

things i like, and therefore things you should expect to see me talk about: 

  • storytelling games 
  • solo games 
  • fantasy 
  • rules-lite 
  • character focus and development

things i don’t particularly like, and therefore are less likely to show up here: 

  • crunch (i call 5e my upper limit, but i probably wouldn’t play anything as crunchy as 5e) 
  • modern settings—even modern fantasy is a pretty hard sell 
  • gm-full, rotating gm (i do a fair chunk of gmless stuff but generally if something is self-described as gm-full i give it a pass) 
  • horror 
  • bleakness and hopelessness